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About Level Beverages

Level Beverages Pty Ltd. (formerly known as Calidris 28) is bringing an expanding range of premium brands including 28 Black energy drink, AriZona Iced Tea and Level Lemonade into the Asia Pacific markets. We operate from our office in Woollahra, Sydney, overseeing the distribution and operation in Australia.

Our Philosophy

At Level Beverages we are searching for products that are on a different level than current offerings. We are looking for aspects such as: more balanced make up of nutrients, more natural propositions whilst raising them to a different level of attractiveness and premiumness. You should be able to have a natural ingredients proposition but not having to cross the line into rather blunt and dull offerings! Hence we supply a selection of drinks where naturalness but also lifestyle and top-shelve image come in a well-balanced proposition. We proudly associate with some of the best known and attractive beverage brands found outside our operational markets and deliver these choices to our customers and more importantly, consumers.

About Chrish Graebner

Level Beverages was established in 2010 and in 2013 Chrish Graebner, then Managing Director of Calidris 28, took up the opportunity to buy the Asia Pacific business and has successfully grown the operation under the new ownership. Chrish studied Computer Science and Marketing before spending 15+ years building a career in Marketing and Sales, involving companies such as Altria Corp. as well as Red Bull. He had the good fortune to experience living in an array of countries, such as Germany, England, United States, Uganda, Japan, Spain and Australia. 

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