28 Mixed - Tray of 9x 28 BLACK Açai and 6x 28 BLACK Açai Sugarfree and 9x 28BLACK Classic

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28 Black

28 BLACK Açai uses all natural ingredients to tap into a healthier source of energy. Without any taurine, artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings, we take the precious ingredients from Brazilian Açaí berries to guarantee an exceptional taste experience. 28 BLACK Açai gives you natural energy throughout the day to live the life you want.

28 BLACK Açai Sugarfree has only 7 calories per can - it's a guilt free sensation! The improved recipe makes it now a suitable option for those living the vegan lifestyle.

This item contains 28 BLACK Açai 250mL x 9 cans and 28 BLACK Açai Sugarfree 250mL x 6 cans and 28 BLACK Classic 250 mL x 9 cans.

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We do not accept P.O Box addresses as the courier company does not provide delivery.

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